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UGL – Understanding group and leaders is the key to personal and career success. A course that develops both the group and the leader. You, as a participant, are the content and create the process. Personal development takes you forward on all levels and improves the results for both you and the group as a whole. During the course week, you have the opportunity to see things from completely new perspectives. If you then maintain the mindset and your curiosity, you have all the prerequisites to become your very best self. Add to that the fact that our UGL training is held in an incredibly beautiful and stimulating environment at Torekov Spa Hotel. The starting point in UGL is two facilitators and a group of people who are completely strangers to each other

This course will provide you with

Who is the course suitable for?
The course is suitable for anyone in their work who leads other people or works in a group, at all levels within a company or organization. The training is also suitable for employees. Learn more about the training at the Swedish Defence University.


Aktivt Ledarskaps network

Aktivt Ledarskap Network for UGL Alumni is intended to be a continuation and development of the training you have completed.

The network’s content builds upon the approach included in the training. The idea is that each season includes 4 meetings, with each session focusing on an area such as ’conflicts,’ ’feedback,’ or similar topics. The discussions begin with one of our organizational consultants giving a presentation on issues and theories.

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You will receive an email with information, materials, and theory 3-4 weeks before the course starts

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Review of materials, schedule and conduct discussions with your immediate supervisor, and create your self-reflection.

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5-day residential course with 8-12 other participants and 2 facilitators

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After the training, you will be invited to a follow-up meeting. You can also add coaching to your development plan.

Our view of individuals and the development of groups and leaders.

At Aktivt Ledarskap, we have a strong belief in the inherent potential of individuals. By harnessing a person’s inner passion and driving forces, they not only become happier but also more effective and successful. This is precisely the knowledge that UGL provides; UGL is a leadership training that offers insight into your driving forces and motivation. The training also provides tools that can be used in everyday life to develop your personal leadership and your role as a manager.

UGL training at Aktivt Ledarskap

Aktivt Ledarskap has developed a before-during-after concept that maximizes the impact of the investment. In our UGL training, the participant’s manager or immediate leader will be contacted before the training. Then, the individual in question attends a 5-day training at Torekov Spa Hotel, where they can develop their personal leadership skills and enjoy good food, beautiful surroundings, and spa amenities. After the training, there will be a follow-up with both the immediate manager and the participants, as well as an optional coaching session. This concept creates the conditions to sustain newfound insights and to measure your development and the effects it has had on the organization.

What is leadership training UGL?

UGL courses are common in leadership and focus on understanding the individual’s role within the group, as well as leaders and their relationship with the group. UGL stands for ”Utveckling av Grupp och Ledare,” which translates to ”Understanding group and leaders”, is a well-known leadership training used to develop individuals both as employees and leaders.

The idea behind UGL- utveckling av grupp och ledare

The fundamental idea behind UGL is to gain an understanding of group dynamics, and it is crucial that the participants do not know each other beforehand to allow the group to solve tasks without being limited by existing dependencies. UGL is an experiential learning program where various tasks are carried out together with other participants. These exercises are designed to develop both the group and its leaders. UGL training is important for you as a leader or manager to understand how the group you lead functions and collaborates, as well as how conflicts arise and how to resolve them. The content of the course aims to ultimately provide participants with insight into how the group can become more productive through improved teamwork, conflict resolution, and communication.

Workplace groups

How we are influenced by other people in various workplace groups is an important insight for the individual as well as for a manager or leader. By closely observing a group’s development, participants can gain valuable insights to take with them and learn how they themselves function within a group. The UGL course also provides insights into how other people interpret a situation and how they think and feel. It increases understanding of those we interact with daily and is especially important for you as a leader or manager to be able to see situations from your employees’ perspectives. The training takes place over 5 days in a beautiful location, Torekov Spa Hotel, where we bring together different individuals and carry out tasks together.

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UGL in English

UGL is the key to personal and career success. A legendary concept, two facilitators, and a group of participants are the ingredients in UGL. However, it is you as a participant who constitutes the content and creates the process. Personal development propels you forward on all levels, improving outcomes for both yourself and the group […] ...


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